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Welcome to My Site!

Whipmaking is my hobby for 5 years now, I specialise in nylon whips made using 550 and 650 paracord. It is very tough material, made from nylon (so the whips are called nylon whips). They are water-resistant and they could be used on surfaces like concrete and sand. These whips are cheaper than leather whips but that doesn't mean that they are inferior.

Nylon whips generally cost less than leather whips. Nylon is also more durable than leather and can take more abuse. Nylon is moisture resistant, making it better for use during winter when cracking on snow covered areas. Nylon also requires little or no maintenance because it does not mold or mildew and it won’t rot. Also, unlike leather whips, nylon whips are impervious to wet & humid climates (which usually causes mold or mildew).